Elemental Yoga Teacher Training


Here are some testimonials from some of the people we have worked with in more recent years. We have chosen some of their thoughts and feelings to share with you, and if you would like to read the full references please Contact Us. Some of the students listed here have also kindly agreed to print their email address if verification is required, and we are very grateful to them for that :-)

Ista Boszhard (Netherlands)
26 Nov 2014
"Sometimes I don’t know how to explain in words to people what I gained from the courses I did at Swara and how to explain what yoga in general means to me. But because I feel the urge to share this powerful wisdom I try to find ways to make people around me experience some of that all. And that is exactly what Jai and Sofia do. During the YTT and TT They let me experience the wisdom of my body and nature, showed me what is already there in me and how to connect to this. I could experience myself as a whole again and from there on connect with the world around me. Because they connect the experience of doing elemental yoga with more practical knowledge about yoga, food, the element system, daily life and the world we live in, it gives me the possibility to make aware choices in my life and relate to them. Jai and Sofia practice what they preach, are on the path with me, guiding, sharing all their knowledge. And although I always said I didn’t want to become a yoga teacher, I couldn’t help that I became one."

André Batalha (Portugal)
19 Nov 2014
"This course was an important turning point in my life that allowed changes to happen from the inside. Jai and Sofia lead by example, making it possible for the soul to perceive the greater good. I cannot conceive a better way to bring together the knowledge one needs to practice and teach yoga safely and confindently I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to join the Elemental Therapy course in the future. AUM"

Thea Thuset (Norway)
18 Nov 2014
"This has been a life changing experience for me. I gained a lot of knowledge about yoga and teaching skills. I really loved the way we learned to teach by doing the micro lessons. I think it was good to do it in a practical way and felt that I learned allot by the way things where done.
At the same time I got the time to turn my gaze inwards and see my life in a new perspective.I feel that I have come closer to my true self and nature.Thank you Jai and Sofia for everything you have helped me to see and learn."

Dominique Van Bos (Netherlands)
18 Nov 2014
"I am writing this testimonial as some time has passed since the Yoga Teacher Training in Spain. The first words that enter my mind are; complete, balance, peace, and the best gift I have ever given to myself. I feel like I got to know myself much better, who I am, and who I am not. I am more peacefull with who I am right now and feel like this is only the beginning of a long journey. I really felt guided by Jai and Sofia during the whole training. Besides all the things the 3 weeks gave to myself, I also felt comfortable enough to start teaching yoga after the training. I started teaching some friends, and now, 2 months later, I am already teaching 3 classes a week and feel more and more comfortable. I don't know how this happened, it wasn't my plan, but it just came to me.
This training gave me exactly what I was hoping for, and even more. First of all I became a yoga teacher (of coarse now I need to get a lot more experience), the 3 weeks were amazing for my mind and body, I got to know myself much better and felt much more balanced ever since. And now I can only say I feel hungry for more of this. I can recommend this to anyone who not only wants to become a yoga teacher, but also wants to get to know themselves better and feel more balanced."

Sheena Mapson (United Kingdom)
18 Nov 2014
"This course has given me the hunger and motivation to keep learning, studying, developing and grow. I enjoyed learning from the wisdom of each teacher. They have a compassionate understanding of the journey we are taking. It is very clear that you give yourselves fully to facilitate this process. I felt we always had the space to dwelve deeper both into ourselves and the course, and at the same time offered your support should we need it. This was vital to the fullness of the process. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I´m sure I will be back for more."

Daniela Gabriel (Switzerland)
18 Nov 2014
"This was such powerful 3 weeks, so many beautiful experiences and learning that lead to a real feeling of myself.
I loved the focus on the micro lessons, how to break down poses and I really appreciate the emphasis on acceptance, self confidence and voice.
An experience that opened the door to a life of freedom and self trust. Thank you for inspiring us and guiding us"

Marinela Benneli (Italy, England)
3 Dec 2013
"This course showed me how Yoga goes way beyond Asana and Pranayama, and into a way of living and being. It reminded me that Nature is our greatest teacher and I look forward to sharing this with my community through these magical yoga classes. The Swara Yoga TTC is held in a safe and sacred space that creates a very special Sanga that feels now like a new family. With blessings and gratitude"

Tove Kristiansson (Sweden)
3 Dec 2013
"It’s hard to imagine a better Teacher Training than the Elemental course. I feel that I received the tools and the feedback that I was looking for and have come into closer connection with myself. I learnt so much about yoga, about energy, about teaching and in such an inspired and healing way. Jai and Sofia are extraordinary yoga teachers and I am so glad I found my way to them. They are honest, straightforward, caring, and have a wonderful sense of humour, and the way they taught us to teach just works so well."

Annette Jeltema (Holland)
3 Dec 2013
"The way the yoga classes, the theory and philosophy and the macrobiotic food all complimented each other was amazing from the beginning to the end. Sofia and Jai are natural and professional teachers.
I actually came to this course because I had lost myself a little bit, and step-by-step I could feel myself coming closer. It was a great gift to give myself ☺ Namaste to all"

Anna-Marija Strecker (Germany)
3 Dec 2013
"The teacher training with Jai and Sofia changed something for me on a much deeper level than I had expected. I connected into my body in a way that I had never before, getting control over how and where to move deeper into my body. With this came stability and confidence inside myself, giving me a deeper feeling of where to move towards in my life.

I loved travelling the journey through the five Elements inside myself and reflected in the beautiful group around me, as it made me understand a lot of things about myself, and life itself. It was the perfect course for me, joining Yoga and Nature back together as I feel they are, deeply inside myself. I feel more whole now, light and stable at the same time, and very inspired to learn and experience more about yoga, the Elements and the human body, and within all this, to learn more about myself. Thank you, Sofia and Jai, for inviting and leading us on this beautiful journey."

Liz Trueman (Canada)
3 Dec 2013
"The 200hr YTTC truly changed the way I look at life; I was not expecting it to be as mind opening as it was. It made me very excited to give life a restart and develop a self-practice so that I can continue this amazing feeling the training gave me. It was an unexpected exploration into myself and really opened up a lot of life changing doors. The lectures were interesting and full of useful information, the practices were challenging but supported with a lot of encouragement.
I feel I am a lighter, brighter, stronger person since finishing the course and am really enjoying the challenges and new observations each day brings. I am looking forward to learning more once I have honed my personal practice and gained some experience teaching. I feel very lucky that Sofia and Jai were my introduction into the yoga world and cannot wait to train with them more."

Joana Lange (Germany)
3 Dec 2013
"I had been looking for the right Teacher Training for a long time, and I found it with Swara Yoga School. I learnt so much about yoga and teaching, while I always felt I was on a journey for myself. Jai and Sofia inspire with out effort as honest, feet-on-the-ground yogis, mixing their love for knowledge with much wisdom and humour. This course gave me a way to change from an old life to new ideas without doubting myself."

Carlos Kalifa (Portugal)
3 Dec 2013
"The transmission of this course exceeded all my expectations. It is a wonderful journey through Yoga and Nature’s Elements. The Elemental experience transforms the yoga knowledge to a higher level of learning, while the dedication of Sofia and Jai to support us for 21 days is inspiring. From my heart I thank you for this yoga journey and rare opportunity."

Lars Stokka (Norway)
2 Dec 2013
"The knowledge, the wisdom, the experience, the tools, the skills and the energy that I got through this course are indescribable. I connected to myself in a way I could not imagine possible in such a short period of time. I know now how to “feel” my way into my life, into myself, and to move past the patterns that I have that were blurring my vision of what I want, what I need. The content of this yoga training went way beyond my expectations. I am truly grateful"

Alex Harvest (England)
2 Dec 2013
"Yoga has been in my life since I was a child, and this course has given me the tools to develop my understanding for many years to come. Jai and Sofia present this ancient science in a way that is digestible to the Western mind, without losing the core ethics and discipline that are integral to Yoga. They can break down complex ideas and deliver them with lightheartedness, keeping their respect to the seriousness of the study. I now have a fantastic grounding in asanas, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and elemental concepts, nutrition, class construction, and much more. I feel like Neo in the Matrix!"

Daniel Pugh (Canada)
2 Dec 2013
"'The Elemental Yoga Teacher Training provides a firm foundation for prospective yoga teachers to deliver in a clear uncomplicated way a deep understanding of the elements within each person. Through the ongoing practice that includes pranayama, meditation, visualization, asana, the teachings, the technical finer points, the dharma talks, kirtan as well as the excellent element oriented food and an ashram-like atmosphere students embark on a holistic journey into the 5 elements while receiving a well-rounded education. Who could ask for more? The training tools students up to become confident teachers but more importantly it passes along a method for understanding and loving oneself. Bravo Jai and Sofia!"

Saskia Van Der Voort, Yoga Teacher (Utrecht, Holland)
18 Oct 2013
"You are both what you are - elemental in all your cells. This vibrates through the whole course and I feel blessed that I have experienced that. This course gave me a solid foundation of yoga in the most natural, elemental way. From here I can build on and on, knowing what is good for me, my environment or my community to stay healthy, satisfied and happy. Jai and Sofia taught me not only the theory and practical aspects of yoga, but more important they taught me how to keep relying on myself, taking responsibility for every feeling, every thought of myself. Only then when i took these responsibility I came closer to myself and found my grounding. This course was one big flow. Forever grateful"

Anne Marie (Amsterdam, Holland)
18 Oct 2013
"Before i started the Swara Yoga Teacher Training Course, i already knew from hearing from friends that trained with Jai and Sofia, that the approach would be very holistic and complete. Now that the course is finished i can say with full trust that i would never have thought to learn so many aspects of yoga teaching in just 3 weeks and i feel that i am totally confident and happy to start teaching by myself very soon. Thank you Jai and Sofia"

Kim Wolterink, Psychologist (Amsterdam, Holland)
18 Oct 2013
"I am more ready than ever for life, with Grace, being ready every moment for all that is, that's the way. My teachers Shiva and Sparkles (Jai & Sofia) are the bomb. Thanks for giving me the push i needed."

Maya Fletcher (Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Bristol - UK)
18 Oct 2013
"I have attended many teacher trainings and this course has been by far the most useful. The most valuable information and best money I have ever spent!
Jai and Sofia compliment each together perfectly, offering full support and encouragement over the months training. I am so grateful to share in their honest, professional and inspirational teachings. This TTC united all of my past skills, bringing Ayurveda and Chinese medicine together easily, under the system of 5 element yoga. The journey through elemental yoga, as an individual and in a group, has been a life changing experience. Can´t wait for Sofia's cookbook to come out!"

Martin Engdal (Life Coach, Oslo – Norway)
18 Oct 2013
"Sofia and Jai are amazing human beings, and authentic teachers full of compassion. Their unique course has given me a much deeper understanding of yoga and myself. I have learnt how to use yoga as medicine to support myself, and given me confidence to teach it to my students and clients. Very grateful for the journey."

Petra Mrvikova (Yoga Student, Prague - Czech Republic)
18 Oct 2013
"The fact that I never got bored in this course means for me it must have been wonderful! These teachers know what they are doing, and know how to do it too. They have patience and were inspiring and motivating by giving so much to their students, always available and ready to help. I feel like I just woke form hibernation! The 5 element teachings woke something in me, a peace that I remembered from before I left my path. I felt safe to journey back and feel very grateful for their love and support."

Ces Mossel, Yoga Teacher and bodyworker (Amsterdam - Holland)
18 Oct 2013
"In February 2010, I enrolled in Swara Yoga's TTC in Thailand. The deep knowledge & wisdom of the primary teachers Jai & Sofia blew me away. The authenticity of these two and the deep connection to the practise and the students is an ongoing inspiration.
The build-up and content of their teacher training is very profound, a solid base for the starting yoga teaching and a deep enrichment for the more advanced teacher. Whether you have dreams of teaching or not, you will encounter an immense boost in self-development from their teachings.
They give you plenty space to find your own path and are with you every step of the way, within yoga-practise and the deep soul-development that comes with. Their teachings come straight from the heart and their guidance is one of soft perseverance. Honest, true to the practise and lots of fun. I believe in these people with all my heart."

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